Beauty Bliss by Mary - Specializing Advanced Permanent Makeup

Healing Agenda


Day 1-3    
  • Your eyebrows are about 20-25% darker and thicker than they will be when they heal.      This is due to oxidation and swelling.  You may have redness that will subside within the first 48 hours.  Start lotion in 2 days.

Day 4-6         
  •  The peeling begins.  The dark outer color will start peeling off, revealing a softer, lighter color.  Try to keep this area moisturized for easier flaking.

Day 6-9          
  • Dark outer color finishes peeling off.  The color is lighter and softer and brows are thinner.  The color may have a greyish or ashy tone for a few days until the color clarifies.  Use lotion until needed.

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